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Handy-Dandy Links to Stuff

More specifically, stuff that involves me throwing Penny at memes and fourth walls and such.  It's important to keep track.  Also, I like lists. 

Polychromatic Fourth Wall
Angela, the friend.  Best friend?  Is that okay? 1
Chris, Boyfriend - 1, 2
Curt, Rockstar in Need of Mothering - 1, 2
Euphie, the Nicest Person Ever No Really - 1, 2
Hammer, the Ex - 1 (Hammer-Billy-Penny, Billy-Penny), 2
Hanna, Fellow Animal Hoarder - 1, 2
Iroh, Who Is Kind of Like an Awesome Dad - 1, 2
Lucy, She Who Also Burns Easily in Sunlight - 1
Rosella, the Best Princess Ever - 1, 2
Wilson, Who is... Wilson. - 1, 2 (Wilson-Penny, Angela-Penny)

Just in case this slipped by...

This journal is no longer in play at Polychromatic.  If you still have it friended, you might want to remove it.  Or not!  I'm cool with not, I just don't want to do something else with the journal and confuse people.

If you're still on my friends page, that means I happened to see that you hadn't unfriended this journal yet and your character meant a lot to Penny.  I can stalk your character that way, you see.  If you find this creepy (and you're more than welcome to, I understand) you can tell me to knock it off.

Other than that, it's been lovely, I'm still dreadfully nostalgic about Poly, and I hope we can fourth-wall it up sometime. <3


HMD Post

Welcome to the roleplaying journal of Penny, a tree-hugging do-gooder from the epic web thingy that is Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.  If you have anything at all to say about my portrayal of her, go ahead and leave a message.  I've used all of my limited computer skills to try to allow anonymous commenting, so enjoy?

Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated.  You're also more than welcome to hit me up for plotting here!

...There's also no canon evidence that she hugs trees, but I like describing her that way.  Sorry.

In-City Relationships


IC Character Contact

Adorable Phone!

Hey!  This is Penny, and--wait.  This is Penny's phone, but I'm not actually here right now to answer it.  Leave a message and I'll get back to you right away, okay?


54 (video, open to action)

[Penny is in the Welcome Center looking positively overjoyed. The Center looks nice, too; it seems like someone has gotten a head start on decorating for the holidays. There's brightly lit tree, garlands, cut-out snowflakes, a menorah or two...]

Hey, everyone! It's so great to see the City full like this! If any visitors can find the Welcome Center--it's in the middle of the City just past the fountain--there's hot chocolate and some dessert-type things left over from Thanksgiving that you're completely welcome to go to town on. There're some spare coats, too, in case you didn't come dressed for the weather.

Isn't this a great way to end the month? This is my very, very favorite curse, I think... a chance to meet new people, see old friends...

Death? Life? If you're around, I've got presents for you. Nothing fancy, but think of it as a thank you for all of the nice things you've brought me.

[She pauses. Surely she's forgetting something...]

So! Visitors, have fun and try to be respectful. We've had a lot of new people just lately and they're probably a little freaked out by all of this, so be nice to them. And the Welcome Center's always accepting donations to keep it up and running if you'd like to give!

Center volunteers? Don't worry about showing up to work, okay? If you have friends and family here, spend some time with them. That's more important than anything else.

[ooc: Anything goes!  Threadjacking, duplicates, canonmates, crack characters, old friends, chat about her canon, whatever you like. ♥ I'll be in and out (mostly out) due to classes, but I promise I'll get to tags!]


Thanksgiving Day Party!
Where: The Warehouse (ask Rosella for directions if you need them!)
When: Next Thursday!
Who: Everyone!

Sorry I didn't make it sparkly or anything fancy.  It's sparkly in spirit, though, because it's a great holiday!  (The way we celebrate it now, I mean.  Historically, it has kind of a checkered past and no one can really agree on who started it, so this is just a celebration of modern, secular, friendly Thanksgiving.)  For anyone who doesn't celebrate it at home, it's a holiday where family and friends get together, give thanks for all of the good things they have, eat as much food as they can, and generally have an amazing time.  (That's how it works in America, I mean.  Canadians do Thanksgiving in October and I'm not sure how different that is, and I'd bet a bunch of other countries have harvest festivals that're kind of the same...)

So!  You're invited to Thanksgiving at the Warehouse.  Family and friends are the most important part of any holiday, and Rosella and I don't want to see anyone spending this one alone.  Even if you don't know either of us, you're completely welcome to come by and make new friends!

There's going to be tons of food.  If you want, you can bring something you really like with you to share... maybe something traditional from your home.  Rosella's got the turkey covered, but there'll be plenty of vegetarian- and vegan-friendly things to eat, too.  And if you have any favorite foods you'd like to see there, let me know!  Also, I know there're a lot of traditions that get skipped over in the City and plenty of cultures that aren't recognized by the deities and the curses.  If there's something specific that you celebrate around this time where you're from, I'd love to hear about it.  Maybe we can make this Thanksgiving a little more like home for you.

That's about it, I think.  The party's going to happen with or without curses--without, I hope--so I hope you'll all be there!

Private // Woefully HackableCollapse )

[ooc: As per the magnificent Miss Leah's directions, Chris has left the building City.  Hack that entry, pick up on her fake-happy, do what Penny would do and go on in blissful obliviousness... 's all good.

ETA: I am away to bed!  ...And then morning classes!  And then homework. ._.  But I always come back to you, Poly.  Always.]

52 (video)

[The video shows the inside of the Welcome Center decked out in all of its handmade, cute-not-scary Halloween glory. There are plastic cauldrons full of candy and apple cider--non-alcoholic, thank you--simmering on the stove. Penny, in front of the camera, is dressed up as a belly dancer. Not exactly weather appropriate, but that's why she's staying inside. There's the sound of Bollywood music in the background.]

Happy Halloween! And happy all Hallow's Eve, Samhain, Mabon, All Saints' Day, Day of the Dead, and autumn equinox, too, even if not all of those happen quite today. Sorry if I missed some. I looked up all of the other fall holidays and can't remember them all. I hope everyone's doing okay after that last curse?

The City looks great, so I hope you're all getting out to enjoy it! If you're out, stop by the Welcome Center for candy and cider, okay? Also, be careful. Just generally. The decorations out there're awesome, but I kept expecting some of them to come to life when I walked by on my way to the store this morning.

Have fun, City!

[ooc: Some costume-appropriate replies from [info]worstlootever  (thank you, Guild, for your crazy music videos).  Visitors might find that Penny is a better belly dancer than expected... and that she can't quite stop dancing.  She hopes Chris appreciates the scantiness, because this outfit's cold.

Also!  Threadjacking and action spam is encouraged, if you're into those things.  Happy Halloween!]

51 (audio)

Hey. I just wanted to say that I'm okay. Safe and at home. Um... I know I've said this a few dozen times already, but Rosella, Claire? Thank you. You're both amazing and brave, and I owe you both big time.

[A pause while Penny collects her thoughts. Unlike her previous post, her surroundings are mercifully quiet.]

Welcome Center volunteers--if any of you are still there and not cursed and all? I won't be in today. Nothing's wrong, but I'm kind of tired and banged up and just... really need to be home for a while. I'm so, so sorry, and I promise I'll be in tomorrow. If the curse's still going on, maybe we can do something to help out.

Everyone else who doesn't have wings or horns? I think it's safest inside for now. Just stay safe. ...And don't forget that all curses have to end eventually. No matter how bad they are, they always end. So keep your heads up and hope for the best, okay?

[It sounds as if that's the end of the post. After a moment, however, Penny goes on.]

You know... I don't believe in Heaven or Hell or anything like that, and where I'm from, the only angels I ever met didn't have wings or halos or giant swords that were on fire. I think that when it's all over--when we die all the way, I mean--we go somewhere. And I think that that somewhere must be a pretty okay place, no matter who we are or what we've done. Even the most evil people in the world have to have a little good in them and don't deserve the... the fire and whips and things. Maybe they don't end up in the same place as the people who've done more good than bad, but I can't believe in an afterlife that makes people hurt for eternity.

I don't exactly believe in God, either. Not the kind of God that a lot of people I know believe in, anyway, but I think there's something good in the universe that keeps everything going, and I don't think that that something would make people suffer forever. People change, you know... maybe it's not too late to change after we die. Maybe even the worst people can make themselves better if they want to.

[She laughs, quietly and uncomfortably.]

Sorry. There's nothing like living out a Bible story to make you think about these things, you know.

[Private to Chris // Moderately Hackable]

How're you holding up? You and Ray aren't trying to get between the angels and demons, are you?

About the nightmares... I don't know if you want to talk about them or not, but I'm good for it if you are. I'm so sorry you saw--you know. What you saw, when you were in mine. I get that the whole me being dead thing freaks you out, and that couldn't've helped. I just... I want to give you a chance to break it off, okay? I really like you, but I don't want you to feel like you need to stay with me if it makes you uncomfortable. I'd be kind of weirded out, too.

I hope you're doing okay.

50 (video)

Is this--hello? Is this working?

[The frame moves to show Penny. Her hair is whipping around her face, propelled by the relentless winds of the second circle. She's holding the device in one chained hand; although it's not evident from the video feed, her manacles are about the only thing anchoring her to the ground. The light is murky and foul. Penny herself looks a bit battered and bruised, but, aside from the lump on the back of her head from her capture, she's in considerably better shape than most of her fellow prisoners. Her inoffensiveness kept the charioteer's whip at bay, and few of the demons have taken it upon themselves to torment her.

Simply watching some of the brutal punishments Hell's inhabitants are inflicting on the other captives is bad enough.]

Can-- [Her hoarse voice is momentarily drowned out by the howling winds. Penny ups her volume.] ...Can anyone hear me? Freckles? Chris? Rosella? Raik--

[This time, Penny is interrupted by a scream. She looks to her left, horrified.]


[ooc: Worst. Sinner. Ever. Demons, angels, other second-circle captives, anyone else who cares to drop in... she would appreciate the company. You know, especially if you're not evil. So threadjack, intervene, break Penny's faith in the ultimate goodness of everyone...]

Nightmare (open)

It's one of the most basic of all nightmares: Darkness. Complete, stifling darkness that presses in on all sides, immobilizes, and cuts off all sound. Try to move, to talk, to breathe. It won't help.

The darkness is abruptly shattered by headlights. It all happens at once. A sickening crunch, the scream of metal against metal, a wailing ambulance siren, blinding brightness that overcomes and obscures everything else. The sounds die down and begin shape themselves into words. It's Penny's voice, quiet and sad.

"Mama? Daddy?"

The light fades into a city street. It's daylight, but it's a murky, ominous sort of daylight that never occurs outside of nightmares. The street could be in any large city. Plastic bottles rattle across the pavement; discarded paper flutters like a wounded bird. Piles upon piles of garbage nearly obscure the crumbling brick buildings. The sirens are back, but they remain distant.

Upon closer inspection, the piles of garbage contain more than litter. Broken people--thin with hunger, hallow-eyed, and dressed in threadbare clothing--mingle with black garbage bags and rotting food. They're silent, but their eyes speak volumes: Help me. Feed me. Save me. Give me hope.

Penny stands in the middle of the street, a jagged piece of metal lodged in her chest. When she speaks, it's little more than a whisper.

"Captain Hammer will save us."

[ooc: I didn't actually plan on posting at all (hiatus, you know), but... um. Obviously, I fail. So jump in if you like. The nightmare will go different places for different folks.]


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