dreams are easy to achieve

if hope is all I'm hoping to be

20 May
[character name]: Penny
[series]: Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
[player eljay]: ohsoboring
[messenger]: justthatboring
[e-mail]: pariah@cox.net (more reliable than IM)
[fourth-walling?]: As you please! She knows she's dead and that Dr. Horrible and Billy are one and the same now.

[THE MANDATORY DISCLAIMER: Not my character, blah blah, no profit for me, blah, just for kicks, not affiliated with Felicia Day or DHSAB or the Brothers Whedon or anyone else of importance. This journal was formerly used over at polychromatic.]

[location]: Building Two, Apartment 212
[pets]: Doris the Duck, Babbage the guinea pig (formerly Billy's), Cabbage the rabbit, John Lennon the Akita, and whatever else happens to stray in
[roommate(s)]: Freckles, aka Doll
[significant other]: Chris. Kind of. Mostly.
[occupation]: Philanthropist (which is a nice way to say 'employed in only the most abstract of ways')
[place of work]: The Welcome Center, primarily

[character history / background]:
Penny’s life has been a relatively normal--if somewhat lonely--one. She is devoted to improving the world in whatever small way that she and, to this end, serves as a volunteer for the Caring Hands Homeless Shelter. When she’s not busy in the soup kitchen or hunting down wild signatures, Penny can occasionally be found at the local coin laundromat (but only on Wednesdays and Saturdays). Her life was relatively tame until Captain Hammer and Billy came along.

It would be more correct to say that Billy had been in Penny’s life long before Captain Hammer entered, as they had been frequenting the same laundromat and Billy had developed a clandestine crush on her. She didn’t meet him properly until she asked him to sign a petition to secure a new building for Caring Hands, unwittingly interrupting Billy—alias Dr. Horrible—in the midst of a wonderflonium heist. Penny secured his signature, but soon found herself in danger of being killed by a runaway wonderflonium-toting van. Fortunately for her, Captain Hammer swooped in and pushed her into a pile of garbage—an act that may have very well saved her life if Dr. Horrible had not brought the van back under his control. Penny, believing that she owed narcissistic Hammer her life, fell for the hero. Captain Hammer was more than willing to allow himself to be distracted by an adoring woman, and the two, much to Penny’s surprise, began what would be a remarkably short-term relationship.

After falling into Captain Hammer’s arms (and being stalked on dates by Dr. Horrible), Penny became friends with Billy over laundry and frozen yogurt. She treated Billy to an inspirational song, encouraging him to see his problems in a brighter light, just before mentioning that her beau would be dropping by. Hammer arrives before Billy can make his getaway. Penny missed the ensuing conversation between arch-nemeses Captain Hammer and Dr. Horrible thanks to the call of laundry.

Captain Hammer announced that he successfully secured the sought-after building for the Caring Hands Homeless Shelter, pleasing Penny immensely. As Penny prepared for the building’s dedication ceremony and pondered her relationship with the hero, Billy—who missed his usual trip to the laundromat—was busy plotting Captain Hammer’s demise, spurred on by his nemesis’ possession of what he truly wanted.

At the new homeless shelter’s dedication ceremony, Los Angeles’ mayor called upon Captain Hammer to make a speech. Instead of delivering the inspirational speech prepared for him, Hammer launched into a song full of heartfelt praise for himself. Penny, already invisible behind Captain Hammer, left the stage after the hero shared the details of their private lives with the entire city.

Unbeknownst to her, Penny was about to learn that her laundry buddy Billy was Dr. Horrible and, to top the day off, die a tragic death.

[character abilities]:
Penny is very human, and not a super-powered human at that. She’s not particularly strong or abnormally clever, but her enduring optimism and benevolence see her through the worst of times.

Her talents include an ability to function in very high high-heeled shoes and a unique penchant for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. She also has a nice singing voice.

[character personality]:
Penny is the sweet, if slightly nerdy, girl-next-door that every overly-protective mother would like her son to marry. She’s wholesome, giving of her time, and full of hope and a general—and possibly misguided—faith in the goodness of humans, collectively and individually. If there’s a cloud, Penny is determined to see its silver lining.

This determination to see good in everything and everyone isn’t the result of willful ignorance so much as Penny’s personal philosophy in action. She is aware of the evils in the world, and she copes with this awareness by clinging to hope, helping others, and seeking the good within the bad. “Everything happens,” she tells Billy; everything might not happen for a reason, but it does happen and hope can be a sustaining force in the worst of times. With hope, Penny believes she can make the world a better place.

This optimistic outlook clashes with Billy’s cynical view of the world and with Captain Hammer’s self-centered and shallow mind. True to form, however, Penny manages to like both of them. Perhaps she neglects to take note of their less endearing qualities—Billy’s obsessive stalking and part-time work as a mad scientist, for example, or Hammer’s epic self-adoration and unbearable cheesiness—but her ability to stick to her idealistic hopes for the world is admirable.

Penny, aside from being a wellspring of hope and optimism, is also a vegetarian and a fan of doing laundry. She enjoys frozen yogurt, strolls outdoors, and romantic dinners at the soup kitchen, and there’s every chance that she knits and bakes in her spare time. She’s pretty in a natural and unselfconscious way, but far from stunningly beautiful; her wardrobe could be, at best, described as ‘quirky’ or ‘whimsical.’ Penny’s unremarkable appearance and docile nature tend to render her invisible in a crowd.

If there’s a malevolent side to Penny’s personality, it’s very well-hidden. About the worst that can be said about Penny is that her eagerness to see the good in everything impairs her ability to see bad things coming straight at her. One also suspects that her character judgment is both unreliable and unrealistically optimistic.

[point in timeline you're picking your character from]: Penny will be making her appearance during Captain Hammer’s rousing song about everyone being a hero. Penny has been updated to her post-canon deceased state. Fortunately, she's not too bothered by the being dead thing.

[in the city]:
Billy, her roommate throughout her duration in the City, finally professed his feelings for her (he kind of had to after a curse threw everyone at the feet of their beloved in a very literal sense). He has also revealed his villainous occupation, but Penny was willing to let that slide. Billy is Billy, even when he's wearing a lab coat and tinkering with various rays. Besides, Dr. Horrible doesn't kill anyone...

After allowing Hammer to charm his way back into her life far too many times in spite of her suspicion that there's not much more to him than ego and cheese, Penny has finally managed to let the hero down gently (they're still friends). It also dawned on Penny that she might have not-so-platonic feelings for her roommate, but, unfortunately for all involved, Billy exited the City before a relationship could come to fruition.

It eventually became apparent that Billy was not going to return to the City any time soon. As such, Penny accepted Doll's invitation to move in and is currently rather happy with the living arrangement. Living with a friend (one who doesn't mind playing host to a veritable zoo, particularly) is infinitely preferable to living alone.

Penny is trying to juggle a variety of tasks--making friends with everyone in the City (which involves stepping outside of her comfort area a little, but that ticking does a lot to encourage the pursuit of friends), working at the animal shelter, volunteering at the orphanage, and running the Welcome Center. She's a bit stressed, but being busy makes her feel useful and keeps her from thinking too much about unpleasant things. Penny does her best to ignore the emotional turmoil that the worst of the curses and the constant coming and going of friends creates with, overall, a good deal of success.

In addition to cultivating something of a social life, Penny has returned to dating. She is currently seeing one Chris Skelton in a casual sort of way.

In her spare time (which she does have, although I'm not certain that she eats and sleeps), Penny enjoys taking care of her growing collection of pets, brushing up on her violin playing, drawing, baking, and knitting.

[DISCLAIMER THE SECOND: In the course of Penny's time at Poly, I've filled in a good deal of her background with facts that are in no way supported by canon (canon consisting of the musical itself and the two comics that Penny has appeared in to date). Since it's rather difficult to play a character without fleshing them out a bit, I will continue filling in the blanks in Penny's background with head-canon until Joss decides to make a sequel and prove me wrong on all counts.]